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Simple Tips To Boost Your Energy NOW!

Jul 06, 2022

Do you usually reach for a candy bar, cup of coffee or energy drink when you’re dragging in the afternoon?

While the sugar and caffeine will probably give you an immediate boost, you will end up crashing and feeling even worse shortly afterwards.

Why not try fighting fatigue naturally with these tips...


Eat a high-fiber breakfast High-fiber foods, like oatmeal will give you hours and hours of long-lasting energy. Click here to learn about other delicious foods that can boost your energy naturally.

Do a yoga pose Studies show holding a yoga pose for a few minutes helps fight fatigue.

Try deep breathing Bringing extra oxygen into your lungs and brain wakes you up.

Sing along with the radio Singing helps reduce stress and again brings more oxygen into your body.

Have a drink of water  Fatigue is a major symptom of dehydration so drink up.

Eat a handful of nuts Try almonds or peanuts which are high in magnesium and folic acid.

Smell some peppermint or cinnamon Light a scented candle or pop a mint in your mouth.

Move your body Moving your body will get the blood flowing and extra blood flow provides energy.

Get some sun Research shows that a walk in nature improves your mood, memory and self-esteem so get outside for some fresh air.

Eat a high-fiber snack Your body and brain need fuel. If you hit that afternoon slump try eating a snack of protein and fiber for sustained energy that won’t mess with your blood-sugar.

Spend time with fun friends Stay away from negative people and hang out with your fun friends to put a smile on your face and an amazing energy boost.

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