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Salad In A Jar Kitchen Demo & Recipe Guide

May 09, 2022

When I first discovered mason jar salads about 10 years ago, it created a huge shift in my eating habits. Before learning how to meal prep salads, eating a salad for lunch always seemed like such a hassle! It took forever to get everything cut up and ready to go. I really enjoyed eating salad for lunch, but not as much as I loathed the inconvenience of it all. Let me show you how easy it is to do.

Buy all the salad fixins you like and get yourself some 32oz, wide mouth mason jars. I bought mine at Walmart very inexpensively.

Follow my guidelines in the free download for how to load the jars.

Benefits of making mason jar salads:

  • WEEKLY MEAL PREP - You can easily make enough salads to cover lunch for a week.
  • STAY FRESH – Mason jars have a tight seal, so your salads stay fresh for the whole week.
  • SAVE MONEY - Preparing and bringing your lunch to work can save you money compared to buying lunch every day.
  • EAT HEALTHIER - Preparing mason jar salads for your work lunches can make it a lot easier to resist temptation when faced with fast food options.
  • THE VARIETY - There are so many combinations that you could be enjoying a different salad every day of the week.
  • LESS INGREDIENTS - You don’t need to purchase a lot of ingredients; you just need to switch one or two ingredients in each salad to have a different taste combination each day.
  • EASY CLEAN UP - Mason jars are easy to clean and since glass does not stain or retain flavors or odors, they’re easier to keep clean compared to plastic lunch containers.
  • STACKABLE - Mason jars can be stacked in your fridge so they don’t take up a lot of space.

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