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Q: Why won’t my lighted walking weights turn on?

A: If you are unable to turn on the lights for the lighted walking weights using the button found at the top of the handle, please check to ensure the plastic pull-tab has been removed from the battery. You can find the pull-tab under the strap towards the top of your walking weight below the button used to turn the product on. If it has not been removed, you should be able to easily see the pull-tab.

Q: Can ankle/wrist weights be used for water aerobics?

A: No, they cannot. They contain steel bars and sand and a steel shot fill that will rust if submerged in water. Do not attempt to wash the product in a washing machine for this reason as well.

Q: Do you have extenders for ankle/wrist weights?

A: Yes, extenders are available as applicable via customer service.

Q: What is the length of our jump ropes?

A: All jump ropes are 9ft long, but they can be adjusted down to fit the user.

Q: What do the weights in our jump ropes weigh?

A: Each handle of our 2-in-1 weighted jump rope weighs a total of ½ lb with the weight inserted, the weighted insert itself is slightly less than ½ lb as the plastic handle makes up the remainder of that weight.

Q: Can you wash & dry the waist trimmer belt?

A: Yes. They can be hand washed and line dried. We suggest a mild detergent and water, no harsh chemical cleaners. Never put a waist trimmer in the washing machine or the dryer. Machine drying will destroy the product and is not covered under the replacement guarantee.

Q: How does the waist trimmer belt work?

A: The material on the inside of the waist trimmer belt holds in your body heat causing you to sweat and lose water weight around your waist.

Q: Does the waist trimmer come in different colors?

A: Yes, please review the current assortment at

Q: Are you supposed to wear the waist trimmer under or over your clothes?

A: Either way is fine. However if you wear it over a T-shirt then the shirt will absorb the sweat and keep the waist trimmer belt a little cleaner.

Q: What is the waist trimmer belt made of?

A: The belt is mainly a sheet of black neoprene with a fashionable polyester fabric covering and a hook & loop closure.

Q: How do I remove the weights from the handles of the Weighted Speed Rope?

A: Refer to instruction guide included in package or click here

Q: What if the rope breaks?

A: That is unlikely, however if you receive a defective product, return it to your retailer according to their policy.

Q: Are weighted products waterproof?

A: No, they are not. They contain steel bars and sand and a steel shot fill that will rust if submerged in water

Q: What happens if the Kettlebell’s plastic cracks or splits?

A: Return product to retailer for refund or exchange in accordance with their policy.

Q: What are the kettlebells filled with?

A: Sand and/or steel shot.

Q: Is the fill inside a kettlebell hazardous?

A: No. But the filling does contain steel which can rust, and sand, both of which can break down over time into a fine powder. While not hazardous, it can be an irritant if inhaled. Please make no attempt to open and inspect the inner contents of a Kettlebell or do so at one’s own risk. If the kettlebell becomes damaged and the contents exposed, we recommend taking appropriate measures to clean and dispose, including gloves, respiratory and eye protection.

Q: What should I do if the vinyl on the dumbbells tears?

A: Return product to retailer for refund or exchange in accordance with their policy

Q: Can the cords that are included with the Deluxe Total body Power Cord System be attached to something else besides a door?

A: No. Use only as recommended

Q: What is the weight limit for core balls?

A: Approximately 300lbs

Q: What does “burst resistant” mean?

A: Burst resistant means that if punctured, the ball will deflate instead of popping like a balloon. The speed of deflation depends on how severely the ball is punctured.

Q: When are core products inflated properly? (How do you know when it is inflated properly?)

A: Start by filling the ball to the proper size (55cm Core Ball=172.7cm Circumference. 65cm Core Ball= 204.1cm Circumference). When the user sits on the ball with feet flat on the floor, thighs should be parallel to the floor. If this is not the case, deflate if necessary, or purchase a larger core ball. Note that deflation will reduce the firmness of the ball.

Q: Do you have patches for your core products?

A: No. Never patch any of our inflated core products.

Q: Can toning and medicine balls be re-inflated?

A: Yes, they can. They require a bicycle style hand pump with a ball needle.

Q: What happens if the ball pops or has a leak?

A: Our balls should not “pop”, they should deflate because they are made of a special burst resistant material. If product has a leak upon initial inflation it should be exchanged at the store. Our balls are very durable but they should be kept away from any sharp objects, rocks and pets that could damage the surface of the ball and cause a leak. A ball damaged in this fashion should be thrown out and is not covered under our standard warranty.

Q: How do I inflate the ball?

A: Remove white plug from ball. Insert hand pump firmly into hole. Inflate ball until it is the proper size (55cm Core Ball=172.7cm Circumference. 65cm Core Ball= 204.1cm Circumference). Insert white plug back into hole until it is flush with the surface of the ball. To check height of ball: Sit on ball with feet flat on floor. Thighs should be parallel to the floor. If not, adjust ball with more or less air until proper thigh alignment attained. Do not over inflate.

Q: How do I use the hand pump?

A: Make sure both pieces are assembled together. Insert the ribbed nozzle into the hole (remove the white plug if still inserted). Grasp the cylinder section of the pump with the other hand. Move the cylinder section up and down to put air into the ball.

Q: How can I deflate the ball?

A: Remove plug from ball. Squeeze out air.

Q: How can I store the ball?

A: Most people keep the ball inflated so it is ready to use at all times. However it is possible to deflate the ball by removing the plug and squeezing the air out of the ball. Deflated ball should be stored in a room temperature environment.

Q: How do I assemble the hand pump?

A: Screw black top onto colored handle.

Q: What if the hand pump is hard to use or jammed?

A: Contact Customer Service for a replacement. Or you could use a bicycle pump if you have a pump with a nozzle that will fit the ball. If using a compressor it is best to only fill the ball part way and then finish filling it with a hand or bicycle pump to avoid damaging the ball from over inflation.

Q: Can anyone use this ball?

A: This product is for adult use only. Additionally, check package to determine ball most appropriate for your height. 55cm balls are intended for people up to 5ft 6in tall. 65cm balls are intended for people 5ft 6in and over.

Q: Can the ball be used on any surface?

A: Our core balls can be used on any flooring surfaces that are clean, dry and free of any debris or sharp objects.

Q: Does the ball lose durability over time?

A: Nothing lasts forever but as long as you keep your ball indoors and away from any harsh chemicals, sharp objects, etc. it should remain durable for many years of use.

Q: For the 3-in-1 Coreball Plus, can I use the ball without the stability ring?

A: Yes

Q: How does the ring help?

A: First time users may have a hard time keeping balance on the ball. The ring will keep the ball from rolling and prevent falls. Once you feel comfortable on the ball with ring they you can remove the ring for a more challenging core workout.

Q: How tall do you have to be to use this product?

A: 55cm balls are intended for people up to 5ft 6in tall. 65cm balls are intended for people 5ft 6in and over.

Q:Does the Ultimate Abs Ball come in different sizes?

A: No

Q: How does the “peanut” shape affect your workout?

A: The “peanut” shape cradles you and puts you in the perfect position for toning your abs. Plus it is safer and easier to use because this shape only allows for forward and backward rolling instead of 360 degree rolling that you have with a standard stability ball.

Q: Does the product work other areas besides your abs?

A: Yes, see workout guide and/or workout DVD for details.

Q: What is inside the medicine balls?

A: Sand and air.

Q: Can Medicine balls pop?

A: The surface of our medicine balls is very thick so popping is very unlikely to happen during exercises. However they could be punctured with a knife or by a pet which would not be covered under our standard warranty.


Q: Are the mats waterproof?

A: They are not waterproof and they should never be submerged in water which includes a washing machine. However they ARE resistant to sweat and can be easily cleaned with water or mild cleansers. Mats will absorb water or other solutions if used excessively and will take extra time to thoroughly dry. Use liquids as sparingly as required to do the job.

Q: What is the recommended maintenance for your mats?

A: Surface wash with mild cleanser & water. Spray type cleaners work best and use only the amount required to do the job.

Q: Can you use the mats on any floor surface?

A: Yes. Be sure surface is free of any sharp objects and debris.

Q: What is the best way to store mats?

A: Roll up and store in a dry place.

Q: Do your mats come in different thicknesses?

A: Yes. Refer to package for details. Yoga/Pilates mats are typically thinner and specifically formulated for the demands of those types of exercise sessions while fitness mats are typically made thicker for comfort. Please determine your specific needs before purchasing a mat.

Q: Do you have to use a mat with the Portable Pilates Studio?

A: No.

Q: Are you required to wear shoes when using the Portable Pilates Studio?

A: This is personal preference as long as the foot straps are secure on your feet or shoes during use. The use of shoes is not recommended with yoga/pilates mats, this can damage the surfaces.

Q: Do you have to be experienced with Pilates to use the Portable Pilates Studio?

A: No. The included programming will teach you how to use it properly.


Q: What is inside the ball?

A: Gel, fragrance (if applicable), and some contain sand

Q: What should I do if the plug comes loose?

A: Discontinue use and dispose of product.


Q: How can I get replacement guides or DVDs?

A: Please refer to the individual product pages for downloadable guides. You may also contact Customer Service.

Q: What is the proper way to clean our products?

A: Unless given specific cleaning instructions with the product. Many of our products have labels indicating the cleaning and care instructions. Otherwise, spot cleaning is recommended on all products using only mild cleansers or water.

Q: Which products come with posters?

A: Check product details for each specific item either online or on the retail packaging.

Q: Which products come with DVDs?

A: Check product details for each specific item either online or on the retail packaging.

Q: Why do our workout guides and products say not for use for children under the age of 16?

A: Our products are designed only for adults and more specifically, women. Our products have only been tested with adults and children under 16 may not be experienced or responsible enough to adhere to the proper use and warnings associated with using such specialized equipment. While our products are aggressively tested for materials and safety, we cannot guarantee these products meet the very specific legal requirements for a child’s product or toy, and we cannot be liable for the use of our products by children.

Q: What are the products made of?

A: Check product details for each specific item either online or on the retail packaging.

Q: Where are these products sold?

A: See our retail partners

Q: Do you have printable guides available online?

A: Yes

Q: Do you have downloadable DVDs available online?

A: Coming Soon

Q: How can I get replacement parts, guides, or DVDs?

A: Please check our “Resource Library” for available guides. Contact our Customer Service Department for replacement parts and DVDs.


A:  In an effort to ensure environmental sustainability, several years ago the EPA regulated the furniture industry and mandated that they remove certain chemicals that had been previously added to their finishes. Once these regulations were passed, the final wood finishes were more susceptible to damage from plastics and other materials and products.  As a result, plastics may now harm wood finishes.  Direct contact with the ball is not harmful to people, only to wood finishes.“